January 30, 2015


I haven't been actually 'typing' on this blog for a while since my main aim of 
opening this blog is to post OOTDs aka narcissistic fashionista photos. Sort of. 
But, I just feel like putting down some of my thoughts here today. 
Is it too late to do a 'Look Back Step Forward Bye 2014 Hello 2015' post?
Well, I guess not, at least I'm going to do it RIGHT NOW :-/

Random thoughts:

1. I'm always a lazy and impatient person, with a really low level of determination. 
I have always wanted to change, but apparently I'm still working on it. I guess? 
But one thing that Im sure of, is that I am determined to do things that I love. 
At least, this blog hasn't been abandoned yet since 4 years ago? Righttttt?

2. After a year of exchanging abroad, (I'm still studying abroad now in UK so 
I guess last year in Toronto was a 'double study abroad'), many things have changed. 
I think me myself have been gradually changing too. The first term 
back in UK was not as good as I thought, like basically I have been spending 
most of my time ALONE IN ROOM, which sounds really sad.
Not like I don't have friends, just people like to stay in their rooms. 
And because many of my friends live in pairs, (luckily it's only happening
this year, which is my final year of uni life),
they become really reluctant to leave their comfort zone aka their room, 
or to hang around and gather. But this term, everything seems to be better. 
I don't know why but I feel like everything's gonna be alright. 
And I'm so occupied with group projects anyways.
Afterall, there's only a few more months to go,
 and my life as a student would be COMPLETELY OVER.
 Can't actually believe that but it's happening.

3. I feel like I am becoming a more rational person. 
Being more assertive, more MYSELF. 
I do what I want, I'll show if I'm angry, and of course I'll share when I'm happy. 
I was timid, irrational, really emotional ( I still am), but then I feel like 
I have learnt and grown up in terms of the way I act or I think these few years.
I think these changes would be more significant especially when you study abroad.
 I guess I quite like this 'more grown up' me right now.

4. I really don't like the course which I am studying right now, but I will 
try my best to finish it in order to graduate in a GOWN. (Students who fail 
any course in their exams won't be having a gown) I know I am really not good 
at academics but I believe that I would find my own way. I will fight for what I 
want to do and pursue my own dream and goals. Getting into the workplace 
maybe more difficult and challenging than I thought, but I really hope 
to get a job which I love.

5. To people who judge others just because they are working on their interests, 
or doing things that they like, ITS VERY PATHETIC OF YOU.
Judge as you like, but I'm sure that your life will be no fun at all, 
at least less lovely than mine.

Time to workkkkkk.
Hello Books and Notes
Hope i wont procrasinateeeeee


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