May 15, 2014


Watched "Blue is the Warmest Colour" last week because I saw that the reviews are good, and the score on IMDb is quite high. So, here's a casual review about it. This movie surprises me as I never thought that I would feel totally comfortable watching a movie on lesbians. Not that I discriminate lesbians or gays, its just that I don't think I could understand the romanticism and chemistry between lesbian couples, but clearly this movie does make me feel for it. I utterly feel the passion between Emma and Adele, and the sex scenes in this movies are just too passionate that honestly, I wasn't feeling that embarrassed when watching two girls having sex, which is a bit weird for me. But yea, what I wanna say is it surprises me a lot, and I think it comprehensively and vividly describes the struggles and confusion of the protagonist regarding sexuality. After all, its a great film to watch. 


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