May 30, 2014


finally done a cover with lamyan today !
one of our fav song from the xx
found it difficult coordinating hahahha but yeah we nailed it :)

May 15, 2014


So, a bit of my personal update here, lately I have done LASIK surgery, which is actually quite amazing. As people like me who have serious short sight could never look at things clearly without grabbing your specs right away when you get off your damn bed every morning, or putting on contact lens even my eyes are dry and tired like shit. So TA DAHHH new eyes for me! No more specs / contacts! Sadly, my eyes need time for recovery so things are still a bit blurry right now, but I'm already amazed by the result and I'm looking forward to the full recovery of my eyes!

Haven't shoot OOTD for a long time, hope to do more OOTD this summer as I always enjoy doing it and blogging them :) stay tuned x


Watched "Blue is the Warmest Colour" last week because I saw that the reviews are good, and the score on IMDb is quite high. So, here's a casual review about it. This movie surprises me as I never thought that I would feel totally comfortable watching a movie on lesbians. Not that I discriminate lesbians or gays, its just that I don't think I could understand the romanticism and chemistry between lesbian couples, but clearly this movie does make me feel for it. I utterly feel the passion between Emma and Adele, and the sex scenes in this movies are just too passionate that honestly, I wasn't feeling that embarrassed when watching two girls having sex, which is a bit weird for me. But yea, what I wanna say is it surprises me a lot, and I think it comprehensively and vividly describes the struggles and confusion of the protagonist regarding sexuality. After all, its a great film to watch. 


May 06, 2014


Here's my new playlist on 8tracks.
Mostly british, indie/ rock/ alternative with only one exceptional electronic song recommended by vic!