November 19, 2013


there's an ootd pic of me and my new hair
the ever first time i have dyed my hair #yolo
went downtown for santa parade today
turns out i'm not that really interested in it
but did went to kensington market for a walk and had a great ramen supper at night
the weather was okay ( not too cold for me) and it's already the optimum temperature for me
can't imagine how would it be like in winter argghhh
canada is too cold for me and i kinda miss uk  T_T
anyways, brace up stay focused and then i'll be a free bird within 25 daysssssss
last but not least, it's my current favourite emotional song hahhaha
you can call this mainstream but i don't give a shit
just found it too beautiful and her voice is so awesome

coat: forever 21/ top: new look/ jeans: asos/ boots: topshop / bag: topshop

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