June 24, 2013


highlight of may: lana del rey live in manchester
never thought that I would be able to see her live 
it's awesome! have no idea why is she receiving loads of criticism
she can sing well and she's freaking gorgeous and sexy in her own way 

a surprising bonus from muse's gig
i like bastille but never knew that they would be in muse's gig
knew it after i have bought muse's tickets which is so so so so exciting
they are so great, really ! 

and of course muse was great
it was my first time to go to an outdoor concert and the crowd is super massive! (black hole rofl)
the stadium is huge and it's almost fully filled up ( as you can see in the pic)
the ambience is so great which makes me truly engaged into their performance
it was crazy, non-stop screaming shouting jumping and whatever
standing for 6 hours was super tiring yet i've enjoyed it
it was such a great experience
what i could say is hk's concerts can never compare to these
i guess it's because of the culture

here's a bit of fun during exam period
held a surprise birthday party for my friend and had loads of fun 
and our dress code was rainbow colours 
quite a good choice as it looks good on pictures 
new straw floppy hat for summer wohoooo :)

reason of sitting in the window seat on plane is to take pictures of clouds yahey

back in hong kong with my closest life-long friends

It’s been a long time, wondering why the summer smells like sin and wonder

more to come
stay tuned x

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  1. wow you've seen such great artists! love lana del ray and bastille:)