March 24, 2013

Off to go

1) nice cross earrings from ASOS
2) new pastel nail polish
( Buttercup from REVLON, Blue Moon and Ridley Road from Barry M)

So excited as it's time to set off to London tomorrow and will get on board on Monday morning
Will be hitting Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Marseille and Monaco hmmmmm can't wait
After that, I will be staying in London and Brighton to meet so friends and walk around
So, stay tuned for my photo diaries and my debut VLOG !!!
Last but not least, a nice good playlist for trip/on cars xxx

March 18, 2013


給你寵愛 這戀愛 愛不出未來 
大概都是 我不好愛

給你寵愛 這戀愛 結果倒下來
大概只是 我不好愛

March 17, 2013

A New Start

grey jacket: initial / checkered shirt: hearts and bows / white top: new look / black leggings: topshop / cut-off shoes: topshop

March 11, 2013




March 10, 2013

hey i heard you were a wild one

i love cut off shoes, definitely a hot trend for spring
it's so nice to showcase your feet or your ankles
got this MARGO woven cut off shoes from topshop

so much work to do...
2 weeks to go and i can meet my love ones, plan nice outfits and go on a vacation
so excited lalallalala
and bamm i'm on fire to go on a diet!
toned up body i'm coming
watch out :)

March 06, 2013

Leather and Denim

it's so hard to set the camera on the handle of stairs and the lights sucks
that's why the last photo is out-focused 
anyways my outfit today is mainly denim and leather
leather jacket: Zara/ denim shirt: h&m/ denim jeans: missguided/ creepers: underground
it's still cold here in uk and i'm hoping that the weather will be warmer soon as i am so excited about to plan my outfits for my trip in easter
am going to spain and south france wohoooo
whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping
so girly and mean yet so true
can't wait to plan my outfits after working my ass off these weeks before term ends
am planning to shoot VLOG for trips too
stay tuned x

Feet on the Sun