January 28, 2013


selfshots with new lipstick and my mustard beanie :-)

lip stick by Rimmel London Kate 127 / beanie from H&M men

January 26, 2013

January 20, 2013

Flaws and Imagination.

photography by Avis

These days are freezing...

The weather is freaking cold... freezing but not much snow duhhhh
Recently am addicted to these hair bands, can't stop buying them :)
And at last re-decorating my room and tidying it.
So happy with my room now, feeling warm and comfy
fairy lights turned on in the dark + my playlist = paradise :)

Set your goal.
Stay determined.

January 14, 2013

whispers in the dark

great study and chill buddy:

Photo Diary : Italy

Nice Vacation in Italy! Went to Rome, Vatican, Pisa, Florence and Venice.
Nice places and architectures as well as ancient structures.
Venice impressed me the most. I must go there again, its really a special city all surrounded by water. Their main transportation are boats, there are waterbus and taxi which is so interesting. The canals and bridges are amazing. Also, feel free to hype my outfits on lookbook.

January 04, 2013

Just put it in a corner of your heart, and smile.

2012 was a really tough year for me. I learnt a lot and carried out a miserable emotional journey. Memories are burden. ( I want to think so however if Lucuna Inc. in Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind really does exists I'm still hesitating will I go erase my memories... so okay I'm a bit conservative about this statement althought I couldn't agree more that this is a superb quote)
I thought I was the most devastated person on earth who went through an emotion breakdown as well as physical breakdown.
The little crazy and naive Christie was facing such changes in life, and lots of you were so surprised to see my change. In fact, Im surprised too. Never thought that I could be that sad, distressed, aching, burning in anger and tears. And never knew that Im mature enough to go through it. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.
I'm no longer some naive kid anymore. I'm so thankful to have you, my friends, who never leave me.
Let me recall this, on the first day of 2012, it was hell. After staying up overnight I still couldn't sleep. And i could still recall a long long text message that you sent me, expressing your love and care to me. In fact many of my friends see me as a kid I know that and you called me an infant hahaha. You said you wanted to cry for me when you know how hurtful I was. I'm impressed. I'll never forget that. I guess you've forgotten it too but yea, Victoria Chan I didn't forget it :)
I couldn't spill out all the names here as it will be a really long list. Yet I'm grateful enough to have all of you loving me, sitting here listening to my blabberings.
Everyone of you wants me to be happy. I know that. I'm too glad.

For 2013, I pledge to have a stronger determination as well as being less lazy ( laziness is a very serious issue). Think more, being less impulsive, strive for the best, writing diaries so as to record trivial moments, emotions and memories as well as doing some self reflection. Also, work hard in order to put a step forward to what I dream for, what I aspire for. At last, loving all of you who loves me. Treasure my friends and family.

What happened is happened.
Learn to control, suppress, accept.
Learn to face the reality.
There's nothing else can be done.
Keep Calm and Carry On.
Look Back Step Forward.
( I hope this is not a temporary mind fucked thought)

At last, OOTD of the New Year's Day: