December 15, 2012

Couldn't stop crying after watching the notebook, even after it ended. Too many thoughts on mind.
I know myself, sentimental, emotional, impulsive. It's just so so nice. Phew such a beautiful film and I'm here to kind of record my feelings straight after it. Maybe deep down in my heart I want to be some girl in a movie. I don't like people who always dream about fantasies but maybe deep down inside I'm one of them. Romanticising trivial things in life, writing letters or blogs like a writer like an idiot poet, thinking that special moments will be remembered... Sometimes I'm so confused,I struggled. I tried to make myself not believing fate like what 500 days of summer says, but meanwhile I was actually wishing a true one day story would happen on me or maybe a story like the notebook would happen on me. But pay phone told me that 'all those fairy tales are full of shit'.anyways, I guess ,intriscially I'm a big fan of romanticism. I really am.
End of blabbering on my iPhone blogger app which I never did this before I should have brought my diary along. 6:14am goodnight.

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