November 30, 2012

You're no dandelion

C: Gone already?
T: Gone with the wind girl
You're no dandelion you can't chase the wind girl
Just let it go as it blows lightly along your cheeks

WOW. Well said. I love that my best friend. Golden quotes as usual.

November 19, 2012

Okay this is the first time I learnt to suppress.
It's super duper hard for me I wish I can spill everything out.
Sometimes if expressing my feelings would worsen things or
wont do any good for me I should keep my mouth shut.
Anger burns. Bitch please this is not the first time.
If you want to do it, don't let me know.
They are everything that I love,
and stop intruding them.

one day.bullshit.

A Short Saturday Trip

spontateous trip to The Lake District is such an epic fail.
The most adventurous trip I have ever had when just two of us (my girl fd and I) spent time finding places and walked up on muddy slopes on a mountain for a great scene. Hate the winter solstice as the sky turned utterly dark when its just 5 o clock. Such a dangerous moment when we walked down the slopes when its so dark and the muddy path are so slippery ! Must plan thoroughly next time as this is a really nice place to visit. 

November 11, 2012


被你浪費 被你活埋
讓你愉快 讓我瓦解
為你盛放 頹廢中 那媚態

留我做個垃圾 長留戀於你家
從沉溺中結疤 再發芽
情愛就似垃圾 殘骸雖會腐化
庭園中最後也 開滿花

被世界遺棄 不可怕
喜歡你 有時還可怕
比不上 在你手中火化
不需要 完美得可怕
太快樂 如何招架 殘忍不好嗎

灰燼裡 被徹底消化
我以後 全無牽掛 什麼都不怕

November 07, 2012

Good Old Times

I'm glad, I'm please, I'm happy now. 
But sometimes, when we look back, flipping through old photos and reminiscing the good old days in our life while realizing that there is no way to go back, the feeling is so hollow.
I understand that there are different stages in life yet I will never forget people who I met in the high school era. 
Great memories, great times, great people.

November 01, 2012

晚安 晚安 晚安

看著我blog的舊entry,draft和那個private blog,真的令人很傷感。

晚安 晚安 晚安 你聽不聽得到。