October 16, 2012

You made me struggle much in my life.

Everybody's talking how I can't be your love
But I want to be your love
Want to be your love for real
Want to be your everything

October 12, 2012

Leather Jacket

Have always been thinking that leather jacket is such an essential and
its super cool and chic but I think it doent really match wif my face.
But then I bought one from Zara which I think its quite nice and easy to pair with.
Here's also a new vest from New Look. I really love the color and pattern.
Its burgundy red with my favourite floral pattern.

October 09, 2012


Denim Jacket: River Island/ Pullover: H&M/ Black Dress : ASOS/ Socks : Topshop

October 08, 2012

First Day of School

Outfit of the day on the first day of school ! 
Back to the chilly weather, that means more layerings can be done yay

Cardigan : Topshop/ Pullover: H&M/ Shirt: New Look/
Scarf: From Brick Lane Market/ Jeans: Uniqlo/
Chelsea Boots: ASOS