July 30, 2012


girls picnic
I am so glad and our girls talk was so fun 

me and my crazy cool friend again
my outfit: top: random boutique and diy cropped / maxi from french connection

awwww :)

super deliciousssss

beautiful friends

cliche pose 

And it ends with a gorgeous sunset.
How many days could be left like this?

July 29, 2012



Watched THE DARK KNIGHT before watching THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is definitely a wise choice. It helps recalling the plots and characters. Not really that into superheroes movies but there is something more than those cliche stories of how a hero fight and save the world. Being fearless all the time is not good enough. Maybe you need to be fear of something in order to overcome it. You fear, you hope, you try, you may gain. And of course all those good old lit themes never die such as appearance vs reality (badass catwoman can be kind-hearted indeed and innocent looking kind girl who seems to be environmental-friendly is a super badass ) etc. I wish I can have lit lesson with my old lovely class.

Sometimes, you want to help, you did all the things for good, but maybe this is not the thing that others want from you. This applies on every single situation damn it. Conclusions made in a conversation with friends. The number of friends decrease as people grow. Friends as in genuine ones. But we'll gain more from the ones who remain. I believe in that. I know how to judge. I will not regret, at the same time I will treasure you guys. Don't be sad about it. We should be happy as we are getting to know right in the bottom of our heart, who will be here with you til the end.

book on bed
both quoted from 王迪詩





頭痛得快要裂開,rubbish panadol
瞓唔到都要瞓,晚安。 Boo

July 27, 2012

Swallowed in the Sea

Swallowed in the Sea (Acrylic on Canvas)

-Get lost and get found and you'll back to me
 Not swallowed in the sea, ooh ahh

I spent a rainy and gloomy noon painting this ,accompanied by my rainy days playlist.
I randomly started painting this last summer for like an hour, 
so today I put an end to something which I started last summer.

July 22, 2012

Start a Brand New Colony #2


Had 5C gathering with fellow classmates miss the old good times
And this week's new colony is Wan Chai
( i admitted that iphone photography is not that good)

applied red lipstick on my very cool friend 

me capturing model vic's cool look

hilarious and blind hahaaha


Nice LED installation in the exhibition

my fav installtion : fish bulb


And maybe I'm not up for being a victim of love
When all my resistance will never be distance enough

If this is giving up, then I'm giving up, giving up
Oh love, oh love.


July 21, 2012

Chinese Designer - YIQUIN YIN

A very talented chinese female designer who I discovered recently.
The delicate twists, ruffles with detailed lines amazed me.
For more info, check them out here.

Kiss me hard before you go

People may find going to disneyland frequently quite lame but I must say there's defo some kind of magic here
Especially the magnificent fireworks with heart pounding music
People may not get it but at least my friends and I feel the same 
It would be great to spend moments under these beautiful sparkles especially with your love ones I guess
At least when you are watching those heart pounding fireworks you'll want to share with your love ones.



July 13, 2012

Today's outfit : my fav blue again

had fun on this baking marathon night with my dear friends


July 10, 2012

Start a brand new colony

went to the Little Black Jacket exhibition by KARL LAGERFELD AND CARINE ROITFELD on Sunday
The photos are really nice, they even give you posters for free as souvenirs which is really great.

 had a great brunch at brunch club

egg benedict with mushroom nomnomnom

waffles with chocolate and banana

There is this really nice wall in Central.

shooting process

thanks be to kk

rare happy day in 2012 
my friends made my day