June 21, 2012

Seriously, I see no point of doing meaningless stuffs.

Enough is enough. Through these meaningless acts, you hurt people, 
and it hurts more especially after everything you did.What's the point?

Yea and maybe I'm the lame person too cause I am too lame to check out stuffs which hurt me.
And the truth is I see nothing better in her, but thanks for showing me the worst in you.
Through these acts, you show all your flaws. Its an ugly truth.
The feeling of unwilling to accept or admit the truth definitely exists.

I still feel. Its still triggering my emotion, my feelings and I physically feel it.
I am still finding ways to calm myself. I don't want to live in anger, frustration
or under complex emotion which even me myself, have no idea about what's going on.

I had no idea how one's life will be affected by someone but I guess now I know. 
This is damn creepy and horrible.I get it now. If you're attached to someone, 
this is absolutely a self-destroying and dangerous act.

The true beauty is inside dude. I once saw yours, but maybe it was just an illusion.
And I guess you've never seen mine.

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