April 13, 2012

Easter Trip to Netherlands

Went to Netherlands last week
The place is so nice with unique buildings and beautiful flowers
tho the weather is a bit chiller than expected
photos are taken in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam

A short trip can help curing your depression
A short trip with friends can help forgetting your sadness and problems
A sentimental ride on the train, with a piece of heart-rending music can trigger your emotion
As well as helping you to make a decision

'It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happem,but it is even harder to give up when it's everything you want.'


special thanks to my photographer and artistic friend Charles Lai who took photos of me.


  1. Love the 13th, the fourth and third-last pictures the most! (I really did count.. lol) nice nice charles lai!

    1. 4th hai ngo ying ga lol
      when u use fb, go check charles's cover photo
      i take ga jung leng LOL
      anyway yeah thanks ly i miss you! :D

  2. im so amazed
    would u go again if i ask u to go with me later?

    1. yea i will but not within a short period of time lol