April 19, 2012


Recently keep buying socks insanely.
Socks can be an ideal decoration, highlight and even focus of your outfit.
When I travelled, I couldn't bring too much clothing as they are too bulky and space-consuming .
That's why socks with different colours/patterns/textures can help to differentiate your daily looks as well as pairing your outfit greatly. 

new pinky and superb comfy socks

recently addicted to this trendy mint/pastel green colour

one of my fav: brick red/burgundy socks from topshop

lovely blue polka dots x
got this necklace from a friend of mine as a souvenir from Barcelona
its really nice with minute details 

got this scarf from vintage shop in Amsterdam
and so in love with this new round glasses from hnm
both cheap but nice stuffs x

Sometimes, when you look back and you found that what you have done,
they are just ridiculously hilarious .
christeee x

April 13, 2012

Easter Trip to Netherlands

Went to Netherlands last week
The place is so nice with unique buildings and beautiful flowers
tho the weather is a bit chiller than expected
photos are taken in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam

A short trip can help curing your depression
A short trip with friends can help forgetting your sadness and problems
A sentimental ride on the train, with a piece of heart-rending music can trigger your emotion
As well as helping you to make a decision

'It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happem,but it is even harder to give up when it's everything you want.'


special thanks to my photographer and artistic friend Charles Lai who took photos of me.