January 29, 2012


When you are really sad but still smiling
When you really want to leave a crappy place when you cant
When you are in great despair and cant change anything

Yet, life goes on.
There are so many things that I want to change
I have tried so hard, really hard

Not only i lost something, but also there's nothing else to distract me.
And here, I am still trying hard.

January 24, 2012

new socks

new socks
and fav sheer shirt and denim shorts


christeee x

January 22, 2012


I just want SOMETHING to distract me
but there is NOTHING

January 19, 2012

Taking pictures of yourself is really difficult

taking photos of myself is really difficult therefore the quality and angle of the photos are a bit weird
its cold therfore adding a nice duffle coat and dont forget to carry a nice vintage bag with your outfit.
christeee x

January 18, 2012


taking photos around the campus makes me freeze
my fingers are like painful and frozen
n my shoes ended up muddy
but yea i did it

christeee x

January 07, 2012