September 17, 2011

Hi there

Hi there its been more than a month that I haven't update my blog. Recently I am just being idle,friends who are studying abroad left while friends in Hong Kong are working hard for their a level exam. I was sort of wasting my time, which i found a bit meaningless and I need to find the passionate me again, the one who opens up this blog passionately :) Am going to have a new life within 15 days and i need to have a brand new start seriously, wondering if I have ever been really SERIOUS before. Seriously, not really serious. So its time for me to turn on my MOTOR !!!:D

YAY So i found this interesting.
After creative and unique book clutch, here comes the cute and exquisite Milk Box Bag by Olympia-Le Tan !

She's really creative isn't she? Her creative product costs 9600 HKD
Good Luck and wish me luck too

christeee xxx

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