July 15, 2011

I know it's a bit late : Hello Neon Colours

I know its late but I finally got it 
Cambridge Satchel in fluorescent yellow colour from The Cambridge Satchel Company

Also, the essex scout from Kate Spade

Talking about Neon colours, the 80's neon colours trend is back ! Of course, we should try to coordinate the neon stuffs so as to avoid setting us back to the past.

Here are some tips to start with:
Work a bright pink neon handbag in with your everyday clothing to brighten up the wardrobe, or wear neon colored jewelrywith your black attire. Wearing that little black dress tonight? Skip the black pumps and work in the neon blue stilettos. Wearing neon coloredaccessories will add just a hint of color to an outfit. For even a smaller start, paint on some summer color on your nails instead of the normal pales and pastels.

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  1. i love this blogpost! good to have a friend who loves neon colours too :-)