December 20, 2014


spending my last christmas holiday in UK
and it's so sad that I still got essays to work on
tbh, there's nothing much to do here
just planning to walk around in London
or maybe explore somewhere else in the UK for the holiday
will be visiting Iceland in January
so excited about that !!
stay tuned for my updates and my trip diary x

December 10, 2014


sorry for abandoning my blog for such a long time
just couldn't be bothered to upload pics and type stuff on here as it could be very time-consuming
there's a lot to do and have been quite busy last month
luckily there's only a few school days to go till christmas holiday
can't wait x

November 08, 2014


Paris is notorious for its pickpockets and tourists cheats
and I am pretty aware of it but still ...
first day was not good enough as we were cheated by someone when taking metro
luckily not much but I just hate the fact that
people are doing nasty shits which ruin this perfect city a bit
and so second day is a lot better
cháteau de versilles is such a gorgeous place
can't stop wondering what would it be like if I live there
seriously it's huge, luxurious, fancy and gorgeous
took lots of great pictures there and at around 2ish we arrived abbessess
spent more than 2 hours looking for the Je'taime Wall when it is just literally right next to the station
but's its good that we got lost, or else we won't have visited the neighbourhood of Abbessess station
which is absolutely my favourite area of Paris so far
There are nice little cafes and pretty shops around
with delicate vintage perfume bottles and all kinds of cute little stuff
Paris is just an innate beautiful and elegant city itself
I'll be back!

to be continued x

October 13, 2014


White on white again
but this time with my lovely grey checkered coat which I got in Korea
with my fav heels of the year (which I rarely wear)
tbh it's a little bit too cold when I was shooting these photos
buts wfc cause fashion always comes first :)xx

October 10, 2014


a short clip of me wandering around the city 
shooted by my friend, Stephanie Fung and this is her first try with lomokino 
and i would say this is pretty amazinggg

p.s. and i picked my fav song from AM 

weheee love it